Fundraising, How it works

Hopeseeds pleased to be active in promoting nature and nurturing in assisting our communities to grow and flourish supporting the environment and helping fundraise for important initiatives From every packet of Swan plant seeds sold , Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust receive $0.23 cents Youthline NZ receive $0.34 cents Registered parties who directed the sale earn $0.57 cents commission.

How it works,

Interested parties register to become a Hopeseeder Successful Hopeseeders are issued with a special embedded email link They email the special Hopeseeder link to their supporters , Supporters promote email link to their databases Once individuals purchase online a commission of $.57 cents is earnt Hopeseeds collate and send all orders directly to indivdual purchaser . No further action required by Hopeseeder other than emailing link 

Individual organisations can purchase bulk stock (minimum 200 x units) @ $2.07 , and retail @ $3.00 earning $0.93 cents profit. Hopeseeds can also assist with marketing material. a lot healthier and more profitable than selling chocolate bars. 

* prices above are quoted Gst inclusive

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