Thanks for supporting Hopeseeds and The Monarch 

Your purchase and planting of the swan plant seeds will ensure a supply of essential food for

hungry monarch caterpillars and of course lure the gorgeous monarch butterflies to your garden for you to ponder the wonder of metamorphosis.   The incredible transformation of a caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly is not unlike the increasingly difficult changes our youth must endure on their journey to maturity.

You will help them spread their wings, fly free and be all they can be.

 Your support will help fund the Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust and  Youthline NZ to continue their fantastic work in our communities engaging with youth, educating and empowering , instilling empathy and nurturing skills to help them better cope with the many challenges that lie ahead in their, and their friends' everchanging lives.

You will help create a more empathetic supportive community that will more readily engage and support those in need.

Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders , invest in a better future. 

Please share this link with friends, neighbours, colleagues and whanau.

If we all plant the seed of hope, together we can help our youth and butterflies flourish.

Thanks for making a positive difference

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