About Us

Hopeseeds was the result of Mark Adcock ( Smashing Promotions ) reading an article in The  New Zealand Herald (link) about the national shortage of swan plants and the starving monarch caterpillars. He saw a connection with the life cycle and metamorphosis of a caterpillar with the struggle and challenges youth face navigating the difficult adolescent years and NZs terrible suicide rates and thought I could assist with both, Raise Awareness and funding by selling seeds.

He approached the Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust  who were very  happy to be part of the initiative, they provided in excess  of 1,000,000 swan plant seeds, that had been lovingly harvested  by their dedicated team of Volunteers , Youthline  were also very receptive as  the initiative aligned perfectly with their  mission of “ Changing Lives” and the connection with nature and  nurturing  The need  was established. The product was sourced. The objectives were identified.  Hopeseeds was born.

The online shop made sense  as it also offered the opportunity for community groups to fundraise for their own initiatives by directing  public to  the  store , they could raise  $.50 cents per sale, without any investment in resource  other than sending out an embedded email link to their database - or take physical stock and sell at a margin of $0.80 cents  ex gst per packet. A lot  healthier and  more profit than the traditional chocolate bars .  Further support was sought from  social/environmental responsible companies in the  business community  , 

Envirotab (carbon reducing fuel conditioner) and NZYME( Chemical free plant based cleaners ) was the perfect match both companies have generously assisted Hopeseeds to be able to market and create of the online shop, whilst Chameleon T.V. has provided free  T.V. advertising in The Auckland community.  The scene is set, all we require now is the Public to champion the cause, buy and plant the seeds of hope.

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