How to plant your seeds:

Plant seeds in a well-drained, sheltered and sunny spot (Spring-Summer).

Sprinkle seeds over the surface and cover with 5mm fine soil, firm ground, keep moist.

Plants grow to 60cm high and 45cm wide.

Allow 16 – 18 weeks from sowing to flowering.

Do not use pesticides, as this is vital caterpillar food.

During the summer, feed the swan plant regularly with a liquid fertiliser.

We recommend  Yates Thrive all Purpose plant food

For earlier sowings:

You can start swan plant seeds indoors 1-2 months before the last frost date in the area. Fill plastic seed trays with a seed starting mix. Fill with water and allow to drain.

Sprinkle seeds on top of the soil and cover with .5 cm of the seed starting mix. Mist and cover the tray with a plastic bag. Put it in a sunny window.

When seeds start to germinate, remove the plastic bag (7-10 days). Keep moist. It is best to stand the tray in another tray of water so that the water comes from the base, promoting healthy roots.

When the seedlings are 7-10cm tall, place them outside in a sheltered location, bringing them indoors at night. Protect from slugs and snails.

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